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California Supreme Court makes it easier for Apple, online businesses to collect personal data

by Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News

Online merchants can require consumers to furnish personal information to make credit-card purchases, a divided California Supreme Court ruled, delivering a blow to consumer advocates worried about privacy in cyberspace. Read More ›

A Battle within the CPUC: Cell Phone Privacy Vote

locked cell phone

The California Public Utilities Commission is now scheduled to vote on January 16, on opposing Commissioners’ proposals to either take steps to protect consumers’ telecom privacy or to stay with outdated rules that were put in place before cell phones and data-mining applications existed. Read More ›

Vote No on Proposition 17 ‘ The Mercury Insurance Rate Hike Initiative – DEFEATED by 52.1% no to 47.9% yes vote!!

Prop 17 is sponsored by Mercury Insurance, one of our state’s biggest auto insurance companies. If passed, it will roll back Prop 103 insurance regulations that protect motorists from unfair rate hikes. Read More ›

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