Governor Faces Widening Network of Opposition

Inspired by what began as an isolated protest by California nurses, opponents of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are working in a loose but widening network to thwart his policy proposals. (LA Times) Read More ›

Privacy Advocates Call for Increased Identity Theft Protection

The recent security breaches at choice point and Bank of America are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the risk of identity theft now faced by all consumers. (KCBS Channel 5) Read More ›

Houston Bill Cuts Eatery Exposure

The “Commonsense Consumption Act,” like more than a dozen laws proposed or passed in recent weeks across the country, would limit individuals’ ability to sue restaurants for health problems associated with obesity. It also would protect food manufacturers, advertisers, packers, sellers and distributors. (Contra Costa Times) Read More ›

Advocates Call for Tough Financial Data Regulations

The recent security breaches of sensitive customer information held by ChoicePoint and Bank of America have underscored how vulnerable consumers are to threats of identity theft and the need for stronger protections to reduce such fraud. Read More ›

Sacramento Summit Zeroes in on Identity Theft

Businesses, state and local law enforcement, and consumer groups gathered in Sacramento Tuesday to brainstorm ways to curb identity theft. (KCBS Channel 5) Read More ›

Governor finds trouble at home

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday he was backing off a controversial proposal to abolish 88 state boards and commissions that oversee everything from licensing doctors to running recycling programs. It seemed nearly everyone in Sacramento found something to hate in the proposal. (SF Chronicle) Read More ›

Governor to Ditch Regulatory Board Cuts

Abandoning one of his most far-reaching and controversial proposals since taking office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to withdraw his plan to eliminate 88 regulatory and policy-setting boards and commissions. (Sac Bee) Read More ›

Governor Swings Meat Axe at Consumer Boards

The Little Hoover Commission is considering the governor Read More ›

Governor Still Has Promises to Keep

On the vast majority of his campaign promises, Schwarzenegger has yet to produce specific results. Read More ›

Stop Schwarzenegger’s $22 billion tax increase

On his second day in office, Governor Schwarzenegger proposed a whopping $15 billion bond. The estimated tax cost for our children and grandchildren: $22 billion. Stop the massive tax hike! Read More ›

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