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Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

by Chris Morran, Consumerist

The suit alleges … the company “breached their warranties by manufacturing, selling and/or distributing flooring products with levels of formaldehyde that exceed the CARB standards, or by making affirmative representations regarding CARB compliance without knowledge of its truth.” Lumber Liquidators is also accused of the California Business and Professions Code’s prohibitions against “unlawful, unfair, or fraudulent business act or practice,” false advertising. Additionally, the plaintiffs allege that misrepresenting the [California Air Resources Board] certification of the wood violates the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Read More ›

iPhone Users Sue Claiming False Advertising, Cloud Storage Hawking

by Laura Northrup, Consumerist

The iPhone users’ attorneys claim that users aren’t told how much of their already meager storage capacity they will lose when upgrading their phone’s operating system. “Apple fails to disclose that upgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 8 will cost a Device user between 600 MB and 1.3 GB of storage space – a result that no consumer could reasonably anticipate,” they point out. … Once space runs out, the iDevice asks the user whether they’d like to rent some additional iCloud space. “For this service, Apple charges prices ranging from $0.99 to $29.99 per month,” the complaint notes. Read More ›

Jury Sides With Apple In iPod Antitrust Case

by Julia Love, San Jose Mercury News

Plaintiffs’ lawyer Patrick Coughlin said his team wanted jurors to evaluate only the new security codes that limited downloads to the iTunes store, effectively blocking competing programs like RealNetworks’ Harmony. But instead, jurors considered whether those features, taken together with other new offerings in iTunes 7.0 such as games and movies, improved the user experience, making the plaintiffs’ case a tougher sell, Coughlin said. He vowed to appeal the case. Read More ›

Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots

by Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle

Cable TV remote costume

The suit claims the company turns the service on without permission and places “the costs of its national Wi-Fi network onto its customers.” … Tests showed that under heavy use, the secondary channel adds 30 to 40 percent more costs to a customer’s electricity bill than the modem itself, the suit said. The suit also said “the data and information on a Comcast customer’s network is at greater risk” because the hotspot network “allows strangers to connect to the Internet through the same wireless router used by Comcast customers.” Read More ›

Google Sued Over Kids’ In-App Currency Purchases

by Chris Morran, Consumerist

Because Google makes it so easy for users to make these in-game purchases, the plaintiff argues that games and apps are being created primarily for the purpose of enticing consumers to spend money on things like in-game currency. “Such games, by design, are highly addictive,” reads the complaint. Read More ›

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