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Internet of Things Will Transform Life, But Experts Fear for Privacy

by Steve Johnson, San Jose Mercury News

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Although people already reveal much about themselves through their Internet searches and social media posts, that’s nothing compared with the trove of personal data likely to be disclosed by the Internet of Things. … The personal data revealed could include everything from your friends, hobbies and daily routines to your political views, religious affiliation and even your sexual activities. Your politics might be disclosed if you routinely watch like-minded programs on your Web-connected TV and use your personal robot’s videoconferencing capabilities for online meetings with a group that shares your views. Read More ›

Data Breaches in California Jump and Are Expected to Keep Climbing

by Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times

Security experts predict that the number of breaches, especially on a big scale, will keep growing. “The data breaches are going to continue and will probably get worse with the short term,” said Jim Penrose, former chief of the Operational Discovery Center at the National Security Agency. … Another vulnerable sector is the healthcare industry. Stealing medical records can be more “insidious” than stealing other data because they can be used for identity theft and fraud over a longer stretch of time. Read More ›

Lawyers Ask Supreme Court to Review Medical Data Breach Case

by Marisa Kendall, The Recorder

A thief broke into Sutter Medical Foundation’s Sacramento office in 2011, smashing a window and stealing a computer that housed records for 4 million patients. The data was password protected but not encrypted. The Third District dismissed the case on appeal, ruling the medical privacy statute was not triggered because plaintiffs lacked evidence the stolen information was actually viewed by an unauthorized person. Plaintiffs lawyers argue the affected patients suffered an invasion of privacy that constitutes real harm, even if it does not amount to quantifiable damages. Read More ›

L.A. County finds 3,500 more patients affected by data breach

by Abby Sewell, Los Angeles Times

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Eight computers were taken from the Torrance office of Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, a company that handles medical billing and collections for the county, in February. The total number of patients affected is now about 342,000. County officials said the county is still reviewing Sutherland’s security procedures. So far, at least three lawsuits have been filed against the county over the data breach. Read More ›

Are electronic health records safe from the next heartbleed?

by Alisha Wyman, California Health Report

The discovery of the bug in early April coincided with the end of the sign-up period for the Affordable Care Act, which has relied heavily on web interaction with millions of consumers. Health care organizations are both desirable targets for cyber-criminals and less prepared than other sectors to protect against an attack, Internet security experts agree. Read More ›

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