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Facebook is now selling your Web-browsing data to advertisers

by Chris Moran, Consumerist

Facebook has long been following you around the Web, quietly snickering at you for the music you buy and silently cocking an eyebrow for thinking you can still fit into the same size jeans you wore in college. But until now, it had tracked users under the pretense of security. This morning’s announcement shows the site’s true intentions. Read More ›

Should consumers trust data brokers to protect their information?

by David Lazarus, Los Angeles Times

The Federal Trade Commission laid out its case last week in a 110-page report on why data brokers should be dragged forcibly into the sunlight. “You may not know them, but data brokers know you,” said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. “They know where you live, what you buy, your income, your ethnicity, how old your kids are, your health conditions and your interests and hobbies.” Read More ›

Half of American adults hacked this year

by Jose Pagliery, CNN Money

The damage is real. Each record typically includes personal information, such as your name, debit or credit card, email, phone number, birthday, password, security questions and physical address. It’s enough to get hunted down by an abusive ex-spouse. It makes you an easier target for scams. And even if only basic information about you is stolen, that can easily be paired with stolen credit card data, empowering impostors. Read More ›

Assembly approves bill to prohibit spying on rental computer customers

[CFC press release] The state Assembly has unanimously approved a measure to protect consumer privacy by restricting the use of spyware on rented computers. Assembly Bill 2667 “outlaws the conduct of companies such as Aaron’s, a large national rent-to-own retail chain, which used secret spyware on rental computers to collect passwords, credit card records and medical records, and to activate webcams which photographed customers engaged in intimate activities in their homes,” according to Richard Holober, executive director of the Consumer Federation of California, which sponsored the measure carried by Assemblymember Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica. Read More ›

What you really agree to when you click ‘accept’

by By Jose Pagliery, CNN Money

You can spot the words “privacy policy” at the bottom of nearly every website. Don’t be fooled. Those policies are more about data collection than privacy. Companies use these policies to alert you to how they track your location, read your emails, spy on your Web browsing – and sell some of that to advertisers. With the help of several legal experts, CNN has reviewed policies at many top websites and apps. The conclusion: Most privacy policies are basically useless. Read More ›

Calif. Senate OKs Bill Targeting Online Data Brokers

by Erin Coe, Law 360

A measure that would rein in how consumers’ personal data posted on commercial websites is bought, sold and traded to unregulated third parties cleared the California Senate on May 8. The bill now moves on to the California Assembly for review. Read More ›

Google must honor requests to delete some links, E.U. court says

by James Kanter & Mark Scott, New York Times

The highest court in the European Union decided on Tuesday that Google must grant users of its search engine a right to delete links about themselves in some cases, including links to legal records. Read More ›

How a Hacker Intercepted FBI and Secret Service Calls With Google Maps

by Nitisha Tiku, Valleywag

The recorded callers thought they were speaking directly to the government agencies because they looked up the telephone number on Google Maps. What they didn’t know was that they had called fake listings for the San Francisco FBI office and Secret Service in Washington, D.C., displaying numbers that actually went to a private phone account. Read More ›

FTC Approves Oversight Program For Compliance With Kids’ Online Privacy Rules

by Kate Cox, Consumerist

No seal of approval by itself can make the internet safe for anyone, let alone for kids, but parents can at least rest assured that if they see this one on any site their children are using, the FTC thinks it’s legit. Read More ›

California Supreme Court makes it easier for Apple, online businesses to collect personal data

by Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News

Online merchants can require consumers to furnish personal information to make credit-card purchases, a divided California Supreme Court ruled, delivering a blow to consumer advocates worried about privacy in cyberspace. Read More ›

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