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Google Glass is the perfect tool for stealing your phone’s passcode

by Polly Mosendz, The Atlantic Wire

Most people using smart devices have a simple password set up — four digits that protect your phone or tablet from prying eyes and theft. Usually, these passwords are quite easy to protect when in public; just type it in quickly and no one will notice, especially outdoors sun glare makes it hard to read your screen. However, if you find yourself typing in your password in the presence of a Google Glass wearer, beware. Read More ›

Carriers’ tight grip on cellphone unlocking seems to have resulted in a cyberattack

by Bryan Fung, The Washington Post (blog)

AT&T says the hackers’ intent wasn’t to steal credit card numbers or commit other financial fraud. Instead, all they wanted was to pretend to be an AT&T customer so they could do something far more benign: unlock old, used handsets. The process frees up a device so that it can be taken from one carrier’s network to another. AT&T and other carriers currently let you unlock your phone, but with heavy restrictions Read More ›

Smartphone “kill switch” bill facing unusual opposition

by Eric Rasmussen, KTVU

locked cell phone

KTVU obtained a “floor alert” regarding Senate Bill 962 sent to members of the Senate by CTIA, a group representing the wireless phone industry. The memo includes an argument that requiring kill switches on phones could place victims of domestic violence in more danger if their abusers are able to remotely activate the technology. Some supporters of the proposed law aren’t buying the argument. Read More ›

Lawmakers reject bill requiring cell phone kill-switch

by Melody Gutierrez, San Francisco Chronicle

California state Sen. Mark Leno said a powerful and deep-pocked wireless communications industry killed his bill requiring antitheft technology on smartphones. With support from law enforcement, the bill requiring “kill switches” on mobile devices fell two short after nearly all Republicans and several Democrats voted against it, including senators Jim Beall, Ricardo Lara, and Norma Torres. Read More ›

Smartphone ‘kill switches’ on the way

by Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle

Smartphone thefts have grown increasingly violent as the devices have risen in value, commanding several hundred dollars each on the black market. The Federal Communications Commission said mobile-device theft is the No. 1 property crime in America. The industry has struggled with a response. Just this month, industry representatives testified they couldn’t offer the type of solution that they now are proposing. Read More ›

Carrier IQ Loses Bid To Send Privacy Case To Arbitration

by Wendy Davis, MediaPost News

In a blow to software developer Carrier IQ, a federal judge has rejected the company’s bid to send a class-action privacy lawsuit to arbitration. The decision, issued late last week, means that consumers who are suing the company for allegedly violating privacy laws will be able to proceed with their claims in federal court. Read More ›

Consumers Save $2.5 Billion A Year If A ‘Kill Switch’ Stops Phone Thefts, Study Finds

by Gerry Smith, Huffington Post

If phone thefts were no longer a concern, more than half of smartphone owners say they would buy less expensive phone insurance coverage from third parties like Apple or SquareTrade that doesn’t cover theft or loss, according to a small survey of 1,200 smartphone owners Duckworth conducted along with his analysis. Read More ›

New bill demands that smartphones have “kill switch” in case of theft

by Joe Mullin, Ars Technica

California state legislator Mark Leno has introduced SB 962, a bill that would require smartphones sold in the state to include a “kill switch” that would “render inoperable” the phone if it’s not in the possession of the rightful owner. Read More ›

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