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We Can’t Trust Uber

by Zeynep Tufekci and Brayden King, The New York Times (op-ed)

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Uber argues that it’s doing only what other technology companies regularly do. That may be true but it only underlines why we need oversight mechanisms that cover all of them. … We need information fiduciaries: independent, external bodies that oversee how data is used, backed by laws that ensure that individuals can see, correct and opt out of data collection. The European Union has established strict controls on personal data that include provisions of privacy, limited and legitimate use and user access to their own data. That shows that accountability is possible. Read More ›

Leaked Transcript Shows Geico’s Stance Against Uber, Lyft

by Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle

uber lyft sidecar vehicle

The largest insurer, State Farm, said it would not cover ride-service activities. “We do not insure livery use, therefore, customers should not depend on their personal auto insurance coverage to protect them while driving for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft,” State Farm spokesman Sevag Sarkissian wrote in an e-mail. “A commercial auto insurance policy is needed to insure against livery use exposures.” Allstate, the third-largest, has a similar policy. Read More ›

Uber Clueless On Women, Privacy, The Press And Taking The ‘God View’

uber exec toys with car and cash

Forbes reports: “Julia Allison, an attendee at a launch party in Chicago in September 2011, says Uber treated guests to Creepy Stalker View, showing them the whereabouts and movements of 30 Uber users in New York in real time. She recognized half of the people listed and texted one of them, entrepreneur Peter Sims, revealing that she knew his current whereabouts.” Read More ›

Fatal Accident Tests Lyft’s $1 Million Insurance Policy

by Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle

While a driver is providing a ride or on the way to pick up a passenger, Lyft offers $1 million in liability insurance, and $1 million in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. … California legislators recently passed a bill to require coverage when a driver is logged into the companies’ apps but hasn’t yet been matched with a passenger. The mandated coverage, set to take effect July 1, would top off at $200,000. Read More ›

The Sharing Economy: 21st Century Technology, 19th Century Worker Protections

by Amanda Armstrong, In These Times

uber lyft sidecar vehicle

Uber’s intensive lobbying over the summer reduced AB 2293 to a shadow of its original self. As noted by the Consumer Federation of California, in its final form the bill establishes insurance minimums far below those required of taxi, limo, and other companies that provide similar services. But the bill was flawed even at its inception, as it never sought to protect workers. AB 2293 makes drivers legally responsible for carrying liability insurance for passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists, while withholding from drivers and their family members guarantees of compensation or support in the event that they are injured or killed on the job. Read More ›

Gov. Brown Signs Insurance Bill for Uber and Competitors

by Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times

AB 2293 ensures that drivers for services such as Uber and Lyft don’t rely on personal insurance policies when engaging in commercial activities. Firms must provide $50,000 coverage for injuries to a single passenger, $100,000 for all occupants of a car and have $200,000 worth of coverage available for victims of more serious mishaps. State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones instead backs a proposal at the California Public Utilities Commission, which is expected to incorporate provisions of AB 2293 into proposed regulations now being considered. Read More ›

Lyft, Uber back insurance measure

by Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle

Until two days ago, Uber and Lyft had campaigned ferociously against the bill. The last-minute deal to lower insurance coverage won both companies’ support. The Consumer Attorneys of California, which originally backed the bill, said the new version is too watered-down. A UC San Diego political science professor said the process showed Uber and Lyft flexing new PR and lobbying muscles – successfully. “They had an ability to mobilize grassroots support that’s almost unparalleled because of the digital reach of their consumer network. If I buy a Coke, Coke doesn’t have my e-mail. If I ride Uber, Uber does have my e-mail.” Read More ›

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