Health Care Reform

CFC supports a single payer, “Medicare for all” guaranteed health insurance system, as well as incremental reforms to cover all children, and regulate insurance rates, among others.

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CFC strongly supports healthcare for all with SB 562

May 22, 2017

CFC strongly supports SB 562 (Lara), which will ensure every Californian has access to medical care–essentially, Medicare for All. SB 562 would create a true single-payer health program and cost control system. It would eliminate uncontrollable co-pays, high deductibles, and reduce insurance company waste and duplication. Our…

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surgical team seen from perspective of a patient on a gurney

Preventable Deaths and Other ‘Adverse Events’ in Hospitals: News Reports on the Problem Include Murky Official Data

November 26, 2014

“Hospitals in California have reported 6,282 adverse events to the state in the last four fiscal years. They range from ‘death associated with an error,’ to ‘stage 3 or 4 decubitus ulcer,’ or bedsores,” the NBC Bay Area Investigative Team reported. Sacramento ABC affiliate News10’s own investigation…

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Sen. Boxer and Mothers of Children Killed by Medical Malpractice Speak Out for Prop. 46

September 8, 2014

U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer held a press conference at the Consumer Federation of California’s San Francisco office last week. She was joined by five mothers with anguished stories of medical malpractice that took the lives of their children – and hopeful news about how voters can help…

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Boxer Joins Mothers Who Lost Children to Medical Malpractice to Call for Voters' Support for Prop 46

September 4, 2014

“Preventable medical errors [are] now the third leading cause of death. Only heart disease and cancer take more lives,” Sen. Barbara Boxer says in a television ad released at a press conference in the Consumer Federation of California’s San Francisco office. Her call for voters to support…

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SB 1256: Brown Signs Curb On Medical Credit Scams

August 25, 2014

Health care patients would no longer be subject to exorbitant third-party credit charges arranged without their full knowledge and informed consent under a Consumer Federation of California-sponsored bill that passed a unanimous state Senate floor vote on Thursday, May 15, 2014.

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Ballot Measure Would Control Skyrocketing Health Insurance Rates

August 27, 2012

The initiative would require health insurance companies to submit proposed rate increases to the Department of Insurance, which could deny or modify an excessive rate hike.

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SB 1538 Improves Breast Cancer Detection Information Following Mammograms

June 19, 2012

SB 1538 (Simitian) provides a simple notification requirement that ensures that a woman is aware of her breast density so she can make informed decisions about her healthcare.

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