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STETHESCOPE n KEYBD_cc 300 x 201Your Medical Privacy Rights

Your medical record serves as the central repository for planning care and documenting communication between you, your health care provider, and other professionals contributing to your care. Doctor-patient confidentiality protects what is discussed between you and your physician, but does not ensure the privacy of the patient’s medical records.







cyberlaw word cloudWhat Should I Know About Privacy Policies?

One way to protect your privacy is to learn how an organization will use your personal information before you give it out. Today most financial institutions, insurance companies, heath care providers, government agencies, and e-commerce Web sites give their customers and visitors information on their privacy practices. California law requires commercial Web sites that collect personal information on California consumers to post a privacy policy and to comply with it. The law also applies to online services, such as Google+ or Facebook.


smartphoine_security_mgnSmartphone Privacy

Smartphones and tablet devices are handy, but they pose unparalleled privacy issues, storing sensitive user information such as call logs, text messages and even our whereabouts. And some developers in the thriving app industry worry more about releasing the newest product than about the privacy issues that their products may cause.









Identity-Theft 300 wideIdentity Theft

In 2013, there were 13.1 million cases of identity theft. That’s a new victim every two seconds. Learn more about the methods fraudsters use to obtain your personal information, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you’ve been hit.




online privacyOnline Privacy Protection

Online privacy comes from knowing how to shield your activity on the Web from outside predators who would use your personal information for financial gain. Stopping them takes awareness and effort. The solution lies in taking a multilevel approach of preventing, detecting and responding effectively to a variety of cyber attacks.





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telephone companies-SMYour Cell Phone Records Are for Sale

Right now, strangers can buy a list of all your cell phone calls. And we mean anyone! Criminals, stalkers, suspicious spouses, nosy neighbors, prying employers, private investigators, your co-workers – anyone with a few extra bucks to spend! With that in mind, here are:




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