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CFPB Has Handled 1 Million Consumer Complaints

Five years in and a million complaints down. That is the story the CFPB is putting out today — since having been founded in 2011, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has handled over one million consumer complaints, a milestone they sailed past earlier this month.

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Even Generic Drug Prices Are Going Through The Roof

Generic versions of popular or vital drugs have been a partial bright spot amid a public outcry over pharmaceutical companies jacking up the prices by astronomical proportions. But generic-drug manufacturers are also getting in on the price-hiking action.

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Save Social Security! Group Accused of Scams Targets N.J. Seniors

A complaint-laden organization that solicits donations nationwide is making a play in New Jersey. The letter had many warning signs of a scam: telling the recipient to “rush,” saying the recipient had been “specially selected” and saying the mailing was “exclusive.”

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Wells Fargo To Pay $185 million Settlement For ‘Outrageous’ Sales Culture

Calling it “outrageous” and “a major breach of trust,” local and federal regulators hammered Wells Fargo & Co. for a pervasive culture of aggressive sales goals that pushed thousands of workers to open as many as 2 million accounts that bank customers never wanted.


Companies Wary of WhatsApp Privacy Issues

It’s not just privacy advocates who are freaking out over Facebook’s decision to extract user data from its popular WhatsApp messaging service. The controversial move may force business to explore other avenues beyond Facebook and WhatsApp as a way to connect with consumers more securely.