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Trump’s rollback of the investment conflict-of-interest rule is a direct attack on middle-class savings

The [rollback] ostensibly is to give policymakers time to review the rule and revise it if necessary. If you think the result of this process will be to make the rule more worker-friendly and less forgiving for banks, insurance companies and stockbrokers, then you don’t know your Trump.

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Student loan servicer hit with three government lawsuits in one day

A multiyear investigation into the business practices of Navient and its subsidiaries found widespread breakdowns in servicing, according to the CFPB and two state attorneys general who also filed suit.


GOP tells FCC to just stop what it’s doing until inauguration

Republicans in Congress have urged the Federal Communications Commission to avoid passing any controversial regulations between now and Donald Trump’s inauguration as president.

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FCC Adopts New Privacy Rule, Limits What ISPs Can Do With Your Data

“Consumers should not have to be network engineers to understand who is collecting their data, and they should not have to be lawyers to understand if their information is protected. So it is incumbent upon every policy-maker with privacy authority to think about how to make our policies more simple and more consistent,” wrote Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

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DeVry University Must Stop Claiming That 90% Of Grads Get Jobs

The settlement stems from a Department of Education request that the school provide data and other information to substantiate the 90% claim. After reviewing the information that DeVry provided, the Federal Student Aid office found that the school could not provide evidence to support the claims.