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DeVry University Must Stop Claiming That 90% Of Grads Get Jobs

The settlement stems from a Department of Education request that the school provide data and other information to substantiate the 90% claim. After reviewing the information that DeVry provided, the Federal Student Aid office found that the school could not provide evidence to support the claims.

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These Are The Privacy Rules Your ISP Might Soon Have to Live By

Should the government impose new rules on Internet providers to protect your privacy online? That will be the subject of an Oct. 27 vote by the Federal Communications Commission, the nation’s top broadband regulator.


CFC Applauds FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Broadband Privacy Proposal

The FCC Chairman’s proposal would prohibit Broadband Internet Access Service (BIAS) providers from sharing sensitive information without a consumer’s consent. The proposal also requires BIAS providers to inform consumers about what information they collect and with whom that information is shared.

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AT&T Stops Charging Broadband Users Extra For Privacy

While AT&T claims it’s just concerned about “simplicity,” the real reason is because the FCC is considering some basic privacy protections for broadband users, who often can’t vote against bad behavior with their wallet thanks to the lack of competition in the broadband space.


CFC Announces Endorsements in November 2016 Legislative Races

Consumer Federation of California (CFC) has endorsed these candidates for election in November 2016: Assembly District 24: Vicki Veenker (D) Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra (D) Assembly District 65: Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) Senate District 3: Mariko Yamada (D) Senate District 15: Jim Beall (D) (Incumbent) The endorsements …