“Eavesdropping” toys could be banned in California over privacy concerns

by Jen McGuire, Romper


After receiving several complaints from consumer groups, the state of California looked at creating a new bill aimed at protecting children’s privacy…from their toys. Read More ›

CFC supports ending gender wage discrimination (AB 168)

AB 168 (Eggman) is an important bill that helps to eliminate gender wage discrimination in California by prohibiting employers from using salary history to set employee wages. American women make 80% of what their male counterparts make. This practice will only perpetuate if employers continue basing starting … Read More ›

CFC supports the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (SB 258)

SB 258 (Lara) would bring transparency to cleaning product labeling, helping consumers make informed choices. Read our letter of support Learn more here Latest updates 4/26/17 SB 258 cleared Senate Labor & Industrial Relations on a 4-1 vote. 3/29/17 The bill passed out of the Senate Environmental … Read More ›

CFC supports SB 63 to expand parental leave coverage to more workers

CFC supports SB 63 (Jackson) the New Parental Leave Act, a bill that will extend eligibility for job-protected parental leave to employees of companies with 20 or more workers. Existing job protections are only available to workers under the federal Family Medical Leave Act, which applies to … Read More ›

Pesky Automatic Subscription Renewals Might Soon Be Easier to Cancel

by Dennis Romero, LA Weekly


You subscribe to a magazine or join a gym for a special rate and months later realize you’re paying a lot more for renewals. And those fees keep hitting your bank account while you try to figure out how to make it stop. Read More ›

California: Weighing a Response on Internet Privacy

by Mike McPhate, New York Times


President Trump this month signed a resolution to undo internet privacy rules that would have kept companies like AT&T and Comcast from selling users’ browsing histories and other personal data. Almost immediately, a number of states moved to pass new rules that would in effect replicate those nullified by Congress. But California, a pioneer of privacy protections, has so far been silent. Read More ›

California Senate Oks CFC sponsored SB 313 to make it easy to cancel automatic renewals

“It should be as easy to cancel a subscription as it is to sign up for it,” said Richard Holober, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of California. Read More ›

A short history of Uber’s recent struggles

Uber // courtesy of Pexels

Uber has not had a great start to the year. The ride-hailing company has been reeling from a public battering over claims of willful discrimination, allegations of intellectual-property theft and the departure of several executives. The controversies have resurfaced a debate over Uber’s hard-charging internal culture and the consequences of its win-at-any-cost attitude to business and regulation. Read More ›

CFC supports greater transparency for prescription drug pricing (SB 17)

SB 17 (Hernandez) will promote transparency by requiring pharmaceutical companies to give prior notice to purchasers before raising prices, and to provide the state with an explanation for a drug’s price increase. Read our April 3 letter of support Learn more Updates 4/19/17 SB 17 cleared the … Read More ›

CFC seeks amendments to SB 71 to protect homeowners from solar scams

SB 71 (Wiener) will require the installation of solar electric or solar thermal systems on most new residential and commercial construction in California starting in 2018. CFC supports clean energy and wants solar to succeed, but holds deep concern for how the costs will be financed. We … Read More ›

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