Stopping Phone Spoofing

Assembly Bill 1132 (Gabriel) would prohibit impersonating a government agency phone number Your caller ID shows an incoming call from a government agency phone number. But the call is from a fraudster using a smartphone app to impersonate a police department or other government agency’s phone number … Read More ›

Elizabeth Warren wants jail time for CEOs in Equifax-style breaches

by Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica

Courtesy of Pexels // Markus Spiske

Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to make sure that CEOs who preside over massive data breaches don’t get off as easily as Equifax CEO Richard Smith, who retired with a multi-million dollar pay package weeks after the breach. On April 3, she announced the Corporate Executive Accountability Act. Read More ›

Broad coalition supports the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (AB 495)

CFC joins Environmental Working Group, Black Women for Wellness, Sierra Club California, Breast Cancer Action, Clean Water Action, and many others in support of AB 495 (Muratsuchi/Wicks). The bill will prohibit cosmetics containing one or more of 20 highly toxic chemicals (such as lead or asbestos) from … Read More ›

CFC supports the Issue Ad DISCLOSE Act (AB 1217)

Would require “issue ads” to disclose their donors in the same manner as ballot initiative ads and independent expenditure ads for candidates. For example, in 2018 a shadowy group known as CALInnovates purchased over 400 Facebook ads and targeted Twitter ads against SB 822 (Net Neutrality), with … Read More ›

CFC supports SB 645 (Monning)

SB 645 protects Californians who are suffering and dying from mesothelioma and silicosis from marathon depositions over seven hours that add physical and emotional stress to their final days. Learn more about SB 645 Read CFC’s letter of support to bill’s author Senator Bill Monning

CFC supports AB 1538 (Weber)

AB 1538 would clarify the right of a consumer to choose a cash payment in lieu of repairing a damaged vehicle under an auto insurance policy. Learn more about the bill Read CFC’s March 21 support letter to the Assembly Committee on Insurance

Los Angeles City Attorney Alleges The Weather Channel App Mines Users’ Private Data

by Los Angeles City Attorney, Press Office

weather-channel-ios-home-100624648-medium (1) (1)

The complaint alleges that TWC used the geolocation tracking technology present in the app to monitor where users live, work, and visit, twenty-four hours a day, as well as how much time users spend at each location. The complaint further alleges that TWC led its users to believe that their location data would only be used to provide them with “personalized local weather data, alerts and forecasts.” Read More ›

Wells Fargo Resolves Investigations with $575 Million Settlement

by KQED Forum, KQED

wells fargo 320 x 214_cc

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $575 million to resolve multiple investigations into misconduct at the bank, including inquiries stemming from the 2016 revelation that bank employees were opening accounts for customers without their knowledge. Read More ›

Ex-student loan official who resigned from CFPB in protest launches new watchdog group

by Jillian Berman, Marketwatch

Image courtesy of Pexels

Seth Frotman, who resigned in protest earlier this year from his position as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s student loan ombudsman, announced Wednesday that he’s launching a new organization aimed at tackling the nation’s student loan problem. Read More ›

California bans toxic flame retardant chemicals in furniture

Consumers, firefighters, environmental and public health advocates overcome decade long resistance from chemical manufacturers Read More ›

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