A Conversation with Dan Morain, Author of Kamala’s Way

If you missed our online event on February 18, 2021 with Dan Morain, author of a new biography of Vice President Kamala Harris, you can view it here.

A Conversation with Richard Cordray

If you missed the online event on December 16, 2020 with Richard Cordray, author and former Director of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he discussed his book Watchdog – How Protecting Consumers Can Save our Families, our Economy, and our Democracy.   you can view it … Read More ›

Workers deserve protection from COVID-19. The agency responsible for that doesn’t care.

Opinion NBC News

Prop. 24: Vote NO on confusing ‘Consumer Protection’

Bakersfield Californian Opinion

Big Banks Profit from White Supremacy. They Should Return PPP Fees to Black and Latino Communities

Next City Op-Ed

See which bills affecting California consumers and taxpayers did and did not pass

San Francisco Chronicle

Amazon deletes job listings for analysts to track ‘labor organizing threats’ following public outcry

CNBC article

Hold online sellers like Amazon liable for defective products

Opinion East Bay Times

AB 2167: An end-run on regulations that make insurers justify rate increases

While Californians are hunkered down to survive the pandemic, the insurance industry is sneaking AB 2167 (Daly) through the legislature. It would short circuit the Insurance Commissioner’s rate review process, which requires insurers to base homeowners’ rates on justified factors. It is estimated that AB 2167 could … Read More ›

Editorial: Reject Prop. 24, California’s online privacy measure Complex ballot measure is the wrong way to go about achieving consumer protections

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