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Ralph Nader urges Jerry Brown to support Proposition 46

Nader pointed to a 1993 statement by Brown in which he recommended against using provisions of California’s MICRA in the so-called Clinton Health Care Plan: “It has not lowered health care costs, only enriched insurers and placed negligent or incompetent physicians outside the reach of judicial accountability.” Proposition 46 seeks to raise the cap on non-economic damages from $250,000 to $1.1 million and adjust it annually.


CPUC Lawyers Say Bosses Kept Quiet on Judge-shopping Order

“To our knowledge, the commission has not taken appropriate steps in the past months to preserve evidence, such as notifying all relevant commission officers and staff of their obligations,” the lawyers wrote to the five commissioners. They said some agency offices were planning “clean-out days” in preparation for a return to the commission’s renovated headquarters on Van Ness Avenue, “and that records may be destroyed in the process.”

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Fresno Bee: ‘Yes’ Vote on Prop. 45 Will Rein in Health Premiums

Don’t believe the nonsense from the health insurers, specifically that line in the television commercial about the “new independent commission.” There is no such thing. Proposition 45 is worthy of a “yes”vote. But if you want to put more of your hard-earned dollars into the pockets of insurance company CEOs, by all means vote “no.” They might be having trouble making the mortgage on their second yacht — or third vacation home.

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Battle over Proposition 46 Focuses on Medical Malpractice Awards

Bill Mitchell, a former San Diego Deputy Mayor, says he was the victim of medical malpractice in 1998. He was diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye, and underwent laser surgery. but Mitchell was left legally blind in his left eye. He went to 16 different attorneys to try to find someone to handle what he felt was a strong malpractice claim. But, Mitchell said, because of California’s $250,000 cap on pain and suffering damages in malpractice suits, no one would take the case.

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Private Student Loan Companies Provide Few Options for Borrower, Driving Them to Default

Officials with the CFPB say these shortcomings reflect an industry that has done little to make good on commitments by lenders to expand alternative repayment options. “The response by the private student loan industry to distressed borrowers is failing to help them avoid default,” Rohit Chopra, CFPB student loan ombudsman says in the report. “Too many borrowers are barely treading water, losing hope that these companies will throw them a lifeline.”