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Final Settlement Announced Against Dillard’s for Privacy Abuses

A consumer right’s advocate applauded the settlement. “Privacy is very important to people,” said Richard Holober, executive director of the Consumer Federation of California. “People don’t want others to know more than what is required to transact business.” Read More ›

Cellular breakups

Regulation is seldom preferable to competition. But AB 1010 would boost competition by giving customers greater leeway to compare and choose a cellular phone company that provides the best service. Read More ›

Disputed Study Backs Ending Limits on Plastic Pipes

The plastic pipe known as CPVC, which stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, has been at the center of a lengthy, politically charged dispute pitting pipe manufacturers and the building industry against the state plumbers union and environmental groups…Opponents contend that the manufacture, installation, and use of plastic pipe poses health risks, such as chemicals leaching into water. Read More ›

Coalition Calls on Governor to Protect Consumers

Environmental, labor and consumer advocates called on Gov. Scwarzenegger to honor his pledge to protect Californians and the environment in response to concerns raised by a State Agency’s proposal to expand the use of potentially hazardous plastics in homes. Read More ›

CFC Endorses Prop 89 – The “Clean Money” Initiative

The Consumer Federation of California has endorsed Proposition 89, citing the role of big business money in buying votes, bankrolling special interest ballot measures, and defeating consumer protection legislation. Read More ›

Senate Approves Bill to Restore Cell Phone Cancellation Rights

The Senate voted to approve Assembly Bill 1010 (AB 1010) by Ira Ruskin (D – Redwood City) today, after easily passing a critical Committee vote on Tuesday. Cell phone users are now another step closer to winning back critical protections against deceptive cell phone industry practices. Read More ›

87% of Voters Want Cell Phone Cancellation Rights Restored

The Consumer Federation of California released results of a public opinion poll showing that 87% of California voters want the right to cancel a new cell phone contract for 30 days without penalty or early termination fees. AB 2622 (Ruskin) restores this right which was recently repealed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Read More ›

Critics call House bill a step in erosion of consumer laws

The script has become a familiar one in Washington as California’s consumer protections come under attack in Congress. This time it’s the state’s law mandating strict rules for notifying consumers when the security of their personal financial data has been breached. Read More ›

Privacy Advocates Call for Increased Protection of Consumer Data

The recent security breaches at choice point and Bank of America are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the risk of identity theft now faced by all consumers. Privacy advocates say these recent debacles highlight the need for more government regulation of how consumer data is collected and distributed. Read More ›

PUC OKs phone users’ bill of rights

A divided California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday ended six years of wrangling by issuing a long-awaited proclamation of the rights of telephone customers and promising to step up consumer education and enforcement of existing rules. (Contra Costa Times) Read More ›

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