Apple: Rotten to the Core

While many people eagerly await Apple Inc.’s next generation gadget, the company’s public relations team works overtime on damage control to hide the tech giant’s blatant and appalling anti-privacy and anti-social-responsibility practices. It’s time we hold Apple accountable and stop supporting it with our hard-earned dollars.

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When will the golden Apple fall?

September 11, 2013

Apple’s September 10 introduction of two new iPhone models may impress many of its fans by offering products based on existing ideas or improvements on current versions, but product launches and slick marketing campaigns aren’t enough to keep the public from seeing through its façade.

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Apple: A rotten core under a polished brand image

August 29, 2013

Until this poster child of anti-privacy and anti-social responsibility implements real change, we are supporting its deplorable behaviors and its burgeoning bottom line every time we purchase and use an Apple product. It’s time to hold Apple accountable and stop supporting it with our hard-earned dollars.

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Why are we supporting Apple’s sweatshops?

August 21, 2013

While many of us eagerly await Apple’s next generation iPhone or MacBook, Apple conveniently hides these reprehensible working conditions on the other side of the planet. The tech giant’s glaring and shocking lack of social responsibility plays an oppressive role in the lives of those workers who…

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How does Apple avoid paying taxes?

August 14, 2013

Apple Inc. has been accused of not paying U.S. taxes on over $44 billion in income over the past three years. During that period, the $415 billion company used a sophisticated tax avoidance scheme that revolved around three offshore subsidiaries to hide income from the U.S. government…

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Apple and the NSA: Violating American citizens' privacy

August 13, 2013

From what has come to light about the NSA’s PRISM program and Apple’s involvement in violating privacy and other constitutional rights of American citizens, it is quite clear that the company is not like its commercial image about rebellion against conformity and “Big Brother.”

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Apple’s disregard for consumer privacy – a consistent policy

August 13, 2013

Opposing privacy protections is not new for Apple, as they have continued to breach data protection and consumer rights over the years. As a result, their cult-like following has begun to erode.

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Poverty-level wages for Apple store workers

August 12, 2013

Apple was recently named one of the largest wage-stiffing corporations in the world when it comes to rewarding profitability, paying the majority of their employees poverty-level wages.

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