Campaign / Budget Reform

CFC is committed to replacing our “pay to play” campaign finance system with public election financing, to make it more possible for candidates to run without depending on corporate handouts.

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SB 52 Strengthens Campaign Contribution And Advertising Transparency (2-year bill)

July 2, 2014

The provisions in SB 52 will help ensure that the public is more aware of what and who is influencing California’s elections.

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VICTORY: Election day successful for California consumers!

November 7, 2012

Each one of Consumer Federation of California’s ballot measure recommendations won on election night. The winners are California consumers! Yes on Prop 30: Restores Education Funding Governor Jerry Brown declared victory after his tax initiative seized a narrow lead Tuesday night, calling Proposition 30 a “unifying force”…

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AB 1648 Increases Transparency in Campaigns and Elections

March 27, 2012

The Consumer Federation of California supports AB 1648, which makes changes to the Political Reform Act of 1974, to increase transparency in campaigns and elections.

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CFC Supports AB 919 (Nava) - The Shareholder Protection Act

June 2, 2010

AB 919 is a critical step in the effort to protect shareholders and limit the influence of big money in politics. It requires corporations to consult their shareholders and give them an opportunity to opt out of having their money spent on elections and political activities.

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