Consumer Watchdogs Call for New Country of Origin Food Labels

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — In the wake of a rash of health concerns over
Chinese imports, consumer watchdogs in Sacramento are calling on the
U.S. Senate to pass new county-of-origin food labeling rules.
The laws already apply to fresh fish, but Richard Holober with the
Consumer Federation of California said it should apply to all fresh
foods, including meats, fruits and vegetables.

"We think it’s time that consumers at least have the information they
need to be able to make an informed choice about what they’re buying.
It’s just fair for consumers to know what they’re buying," said
Some argue that labeling will drive up costs, but Holober said the
average family of four would see only a nine-cent increase to their
weekly grocery bill.
A poll by Consumer Reports Magazine finds 92 percent of Americans want food labels.