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CFC opposes AB 165, which guts digital privacy rights for anyone attending or working in a public school

CFC joins nearly 50 other civil rights, immigration, racial justice, youth, health, privacy, labor, LGBTQ and Muslim community organizations in opposition to AB 165 (Cooper). AB 165 would decimate the digital privacy rights for students and public school staff that are currently in place under the California Electronic … Read More ›

California Increases Scrutiny Of Cellphone Surveillance

by Ali Winston, The Center For Investigative Reporting

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act means law enforcement will need a search warrant for access to digital records, including data, content, metadata and geolocation information stored on a device or server. The law also calls for warrants to search electronic devices, a requirement previously affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 2014 decision. … The other recently passed law requires local government agencies to notify the public when law enforcement seeks to acquire a cell-site simulator to track transmissions and the location of individual mobile devices. Privacy policies also must be published before such devices can be used. Read More ›