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Fitbit Must Face Lawsuit Over Sleep-Tracking Claims

by Chris Morran, Consumerist

Fitbits from Samsung Creative Commons feed

Fitbit also contended that the marketing claims are just “puffery,” meaning general statements of superiority that can’t be taken as false advertising. Yet the judge found this argument unconvincing. Read More ›

Supreme Court rules against false advertising on food, drink labels

by David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times

The implications could go considerably beyond the small but trendy world of pomegranate juice, opening a wide range of product labels to challenge. Until Thursday, many judges and food-industry lawyers maintained that sellers of beverages and food products could not be sued for false advertising so long as the product’s label accurately disclosed the ingredients in small print, as required by the Food and Drug Administration. Read More ›

Will a proposed airfare transparency law help consumers, or let the airlines be deceptive?

by Christopher Elliott, Washington Post

At best, the proposed Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 would open a window into the many taxes and mandatory fees attached to your airline ticket. At worst, the proposed law would give airlines a license to quote an artificially low ticket price, undoing years of regulatory efforts to require the display of a full fare. Read More ›