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GM Ordered Switches Nearly 2 Months Before Recall

by Tom Krisher, The Associated Press

The switches can slip out of the run position, causing engines in cars such as the Chevrolet Cobalt to stall. If that happens, the power steering, brakes and air bags are disabled, and people can lose control of their cars. GM eventually recalled 2.6 million small cars for the problem, which has caused at least 32 deaths. The emails in the chain, which run from December into February, call the matter “urgent” and eventually use the words “safety issue.” Read More ›

GM has officially recalled more vehicles in 2014 than it has sold in the last 7 years

by Ashlee Kieler, Consumerist

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On Monday, the company announced the recall of 7.6 million vehicles in the United States – most of them for the same inadvertent ignition key rotation that has been linked to at least three fatalities. So far in 2014, GM has recalled nearly 25 million vehicles in the United States through more than 50 recall campaigns. A quick look at GM’s sales records for the past ten years shows that the company has now officially recalled in the first six months of 2014 more cars that it has sold from 2007 to 2013. Read More ›