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ID Theft Puts Privacy And Financial Security Of Medical Patients, Taxpayers – Even Children – At Risk

ID thief runs out of laptop screen

There were 12.7 million adult victims of identity theft nationwide in 2014, including over 1.5 million in California, according to the California Attorney General’s Office. “My educated guess is that nearly every adult in the U.S. has been affected by at least one breach involving their Social Security number and/or sensitive personal financial information. Most people have likely been affected by more than one breach,” said Beth Givens, Executive Director of the nonprofit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Givens predicts health care institution breaches will continue to be big stories in 2016. Other likely targets are educational institutions and government agencies. Read More ›

Wave Of Fake Federal And State Tax Returns Filed, Experts Say

by Herb Weisbaum, NBC News

Lisa Letchworth, who lives in Washington State, doesn’t know how it happened, but crooks got into her TurboTax account. Last Tuesday, when she logged on to start her federal return, she got a nasty surprise. A message on the screen said her return had already been filed and the IRS was issuing a refund of $5,013 to someone else on a prepaid card. … If you use online tax preparation software, especially the kind that stores your completed tax returns, change your login information right away. That’s really the only thing you can do. Read More ›