Torrico scores perfect 100 on consumer, environmental legislative scorecards

FREMONT – Assembly Member Alberto Torrico (D-Newark) racked up perfect
scores on two scorecards analyzing legislators’ votes on key
environmental and consumer protection issues. The scorecards were
developed by the California League of Conservation Voters and the
Consumer Federation of California.

"My constituents and Californians in general, are in strong support of
measures that will reduce global warming, protect our environment and
improve our air and water quality," Torrico said. "I will continue to
fight for these issues in my own legislative agenda and support similar
bills put forth by my colleagues."

The League of Conservation Voters scorecard examined legislators’ votes
on issues such as clean car discounts, investing in alternative fuels
and clean air, solar hot water heaters, advancing renewable energy and
reducing e-waste.

The Consumer Federation of California Scorecard for
State Lawmakers rated Assembly members and Senators on a range of
issues, including financial privacy, health care reform, cell phone
customer rights, food safety, truth in advertising, and consumer
product safety standards.

"It is important that consumers have the information they need to make
well-informed decisions when purchasing products," Torrico said. "It’s
equally important that they are assured their financial privacy will be
protected and the products meet appropriate safety standards. That
security will not only protect consumers, it will enhance consumer

For more information and a complete look at the Consumer Federation’s scorecard, go to

The California League of Conservation Voters scorecard can be found at