Update: New flame retardant standard public hearing

California regulators held a public hearing on March 26 to mark the end of a comment period for updating their 38-year old furniture flammability regulation, TB 117, that has been the focus of scientists, firefighters, health advocates and consumers worldwide.

The March 26 public hearing can be viewed at:

Consumer Federation of California, along with public health, environmental, social justice, labor, and firefighter organizations testified. More than 87,000 signatures were submitted from people in every state to support the revision.

Public interest organizations from 36 countries also sent letters, urging California to quickly move forward for improved fire safety without relying on the toxic and ineffective flame-retardant chemicals in TB 117, which are linked to lower IQs in children, infertility and cancer.

For nearly four decades, flame retardant chemical manufacturers have reaped billions in profits at consumers’ expense. It took us six years of battle with the chemical industry to finally win this breakthrough for our health and safety.

The new draft, TB 117-2013, follows the advice of safety experts, not chemical manufacturers.

To review TB 117-2013, which would take effect in July 2014, go to https://www.bhfti.ca.gov/about/laws/propregs.shtml

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