3 holiday purchases that tend to drop in price as Christmas approaches

by Chris Morran, Consumerist

Toy-ShoppingWhile there are a number of popular products that get significantly less expensive after the holidays, consumers may be able to save on other holiday shopping list items if they’re willing to play a game of chicken with Dec. 25.

In addition to holiday decorations, which many retailers will try to clear as Christmas nears, the folks at Offers.com say the following three typical holiday season purchases will likely drop in price the closer we get to the holiday.

1. Winter Apparel

Many consumers bought their winter coats and sweaters back in the fall and stores will soon be putting out warmer weather apparel, so get these items cheap while it’s still cold outside.

2. Toys

Sure, a (sadly) traditional image of holiday shopping is parents fighting over coveted toys during the Black Friday shopping blitz, but there are still plenty of toys remaining on store shelves, and their prices will likely sink as retailers try to sell as much inventory as possible. There is still the risk that waiting too long will result in that toy being snatched up by a less bargain-conscious shopper.

3. Small Appliances

The holidays are a time during which many of us express our affection for loved ones by buying them blenders, food processors, and stand mixers. These products make for good gifts, but they also tend to take up a lot of shelf/warehouse space. So some retailers will drop prices on small appliances right before Christmas, as it’s both a good way to attract last-minute shoppers and get rid of products that may not sell as quickly once the new year hits.