Bill to Ban Selling of Expired Baby Food, Formula on Brown’s Desk

by Ben Adler, Capitol Radio

Democratic Assemblyman Richard Pan didn’t just bring cans of expired baby food to his news conference.  He brought a baby.

Kai Proctor: "Ahhhhhhh’"

Listen to the news piece:

That’s 11-month-old Kai Proctor from Woodland, northwest of Sacramento.  A few months ago, his dad Dale bought and fed him a can of green peas and brown rice that expired more than half a year earlier.  Dale says Kai became violently ill.

Dale Proctor: "This was a frightening experience for us, and one which could have (been) prevented if the store had reason to act more responsibly.  No parent should have to worry like we did – and no baby should have to suffer like Kai."
Kai: "Ahhh’"
Dale: "Yes."

There actually isn’t a law that requires stores to make sure that doesn’t happen.  And grocer and retail groups believe one isn’t necessary.  They say existing enforcement efforts already work – and stores allow refunds or exchanges for expired products.