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CFC Supports SB 202 (Dodd)

SB 202 (Dodd) will increase the dollar amount residents on Medi-Cal, who live in skilled nursing facilities, receive each month to cover their “personal and incidental” expenses from the current $35 to $80 per month. This amount has not been increased in 33 years. Our 5/22/17 letter … Read More ›

CFC supports worker right to know about toxics in cosmetics (AB 1575)

Manufacturers must list ingredients on the labels of cosmetics sold at the retail level (like a Target or Walgreen’s store)—this is good for the people who sell, buy, and use those products. In contrast, chemical ingredients in professional cosmetics do not have to be listed on product … Read More ›

CFC strongly supports healthcare for all with SB 562

CFC strongly supports SB 562 (Lara), which will ensure every Californian has access to medical care–essentially, Medicare for All. SB 562 would create a true single-payer health program and cost control system. It would eliminate uncontrollable co-pays, high deductibles, and reduce insurance company waste and duplication. Our … Read More ›

CFC supports AB 859

AB 859 (Eggman) will protect seniors abused in nursing homes and discourage facilities from destroying legal evidence in violation of the law. Read More ›

CFC is proud to sponsor SB 648, which brings accountability to private referral agencies

SB 648 (Mendoza) would ensure that seniors and their families are protected from unscrupulous elder care referral agencies that put profit ahead of the seniors’ best interests or health care needs. Despite unanimous consent for this bill in 2016, the governor vetoed SB 648, stating that there … Read More ›

CFC seeks amendments to SB 71 to protect homeowners from solar scams

SB 71 (Wiener) will require the installation of solar electric or solar thermal systems on most new residential and commercial construction in California starting in 2018. CFC supports clean energy and wants solar to succeed, but holds deep concern for how the costs will be financed. We … Read More ›

CFC opposes AB 165, which guts digital privacy rights for anyone attending or working in a public school

CFC joins nearly 50 other civil rights, immigration, racial justice, youth, health, privacy, labor, LGBTQ and Muslim community organizations in opposition to AB 165 (Cooper). AB 165 would decimate the digital privacy rights for students and public school staff that are currently in place under the California Electronic … Read More ›

CFC supports AB 889 to limit settlements that hush up risks to public safety

CFC supports AB 889 (Stone), a bill that limits secret settlements that deprive the public of vital knowledge regarding health or safety hazards. Read our 3/21 support letter Learn more Latest Updates 4/4/17 The bill passed out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on a 6-2 vote. It … Read More ›

CFC supports AB 550, funding for Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs

AB 550 (Reyes) will increase funding for California’s 35 local Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs, the Department of Aging’s watchdog in long-term care facilities. Consisting of paid staff and certified volunteers, the Ombudsmen are a very cost-effective way to ensure California’s long-term care facilities properly care for our … Read More ›

CFC Opposes AB 380

CFC opposes AB 380 (Dababneh), which will make it easier for car dealers to engage in fraud and other predatory practices. Read more about the bill here. Read our opposition letter.

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