Consumer Federation of California 2022 General Election Endorsements in Key California Races

With the 2022 General Election season voting deadline coming up, the Consumer Federation of California (CFC) wanted to provide to you, our CFC supporters, our recommendations for key races that may be on your ballot. When looking at races in the California State Legislature, CFC focused on races in which the top two candidates were both Democrats and where one of the candidates is more closely aligned with CFC’s position on issues crucial to the consumer rights and consuner protection movement.

There are many other races in which top two candidates are one Democrat and one Republican, and in those races, the Democratic candidate is generally more closely aligned with consumer interests (though not always). So the races listed below are where CFC focused our efforts. Many of these candidates were interviewed by CFC staff and board leaders. CFC only endorsed in one race for the United States House of Representatives, and that is because Congresswoman Katie Porter has distinguished herself as a national leader in the consumer protection movement in a myriad of ways.

CFC urges you to support the candidates in your area by helping them in some way, whether it be walking a precinct, making phone calls or sending text messages, providing rides to voters or helping to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in the final push before Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th. Please coordinate these efforts with the campaigns directly – their campaign websites are provided as hyperlinks for you.

Thank you and be sure to help CFC get more consumer leaders in elected office!


District 47 (Parts of Southern Orange County)

In four short years, Congresswoman Katie Porter has become a national leader in consumer protection issues. Her questioning of witnesses coming before committees she sits on has often gone viral for all the right reasons, and she is deeply committed to helping average people level the playing field against large corporate interests. It is imperative that she be sent back to Washington D.C.

If you wish to support or learn more about Congresswoman Porter you can click here.


Senate District 4 (Lake Tahoe, Modesto, and Souther Sierra Foothills)

Tim Robertson is CFC’s clear choice in this wide-ranging district. He aligns well with issues CFC cares about.
If you wish to support or learn more about candidate Roberson you can click here.

Senate District 8 (Greater Sacramento Region)

The Consumer Federation of California is strongly supporting Dave Jones in his race for the State Senate. Dave Jones has been a statewide and national leader on consumer protection issues and California needs more leaders like Dave in elected office. We need Dave’s leadership and experience protecting consumers in the California Legislature. He has been tireless in fighting for consumers and checking corporate power.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Jones you can click here.

Senate District 10 (Souther Alameda County and parts of Santa Clara County)

Aisha Wahab is the best choice to replace termed-out consumer champion Bob Wieckowski in this Bay Area State Senate District. She has the potential to be a consumer champion in the California State Senate. CFC strongly endorses her.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Wahab you can click here.

Senate District 20 (San Fernando Valley)

Caroline Menjivar is easily the most pro-consumer candidate in Senate District 20. She thoroughly impressed our endorsement committee and earned CFC’s endorsement. Caroline Menjivar is far and away the best choice for the State Senate in the San Fernando Valley.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Menjivar you can click here.

Senate District 28 (Parts of Los Angeles)

CFC was extremely impressed by Lola Smallwood-Cuevas’ passion and commitment on a wider range of issues that impact consumers, particularly low-income consumers in communities of color. Lola Smallwood-Cuevas is clearly the best candidate for Senate District 28, based on her lived experience and track record in the community.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Smallwood-Cuevas you can click here.


Assembly District 10 (Souther Sacramento & Elk Grove)

Eric Guerra would hit the ground running in the State Assembly and immediately be ready to serve. The Consumer Federation of California believes that Eric Guerra is the best choice to protect consumer interests in the State Assembly. We urge Sacramento area voters to Elect Guerra in Assembly District 10.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Guerra you can click here.

Assembly District 12 (Marin County and Part of Sonoma County)

While both candidates in Assembly District 12 are impressive, CFC believes that Damon Connolly can be a leader on consumer issues in the California Legislature. For that reason, the Consumer Federation of California believes that Damon Connolly is the best choice for State Assembly in the Assembly District 12.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Connolly you can click here.

Assembly District 20 (Central parts of Alameda County)

Liz Ortega would be a strong vote in the California Assembly for CFC priorities and is clearly the most pro-consumer choice for this district. We endorse her heartily.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Ortega you can click here.

Assembly District 35 (Parts of Bakersfield & Western Kern County)

Leticia Perez’s passion and commitment to broad-based consumer interests was evident when the Consumer Federation of California met with her. Leticia Perez has a track record for standing up for consumers and low-income communities of color that will make her a wonderful addition to the California State Assembly from the Central Valley. Voters should send Leticia Perez to Sacramento to fight for them.
If you wish to support or learn more about Candidate Perez you can click here.

Assembly Ditrict 61 (LAX & Surrounding parts of Los Angeles)

Tina McKinnor, elected earlier this year in a special election, had already shown that she is a strong consumer supporters in the State Assembly. She should get the job for full term and has CFC’s full endorsement.
If you wish to support or learn more about Assemblymember McKinnor you can click here.


CFC did not take any official position on Propositions 1, 26, 27, 28, or 29, as those initiatives are beyond CFC’s immediate areas of focus.

Proposition 30: Income tax increases for air pollution reduction and wildfire prevention.

Proposition 31: Referendum on 2020 law prohibiting sale of specified flavored tobacco products.