CFC is proud to sponsor SB 648, which brings accountability to private referral agencies

SB 648 (Mendoza) would ensure that seniors and their families are protected from unscrupulous elder care referral agencies that put profit ahead of the seniors’ best interests or health care needs.

Despite unanimous consent for this bill in 2016, the governor vetoed SB 648, stating that there was not enough convincing evidence to make the case for a new licensing structure for referral agencies. Following the veto, the author has worked in collaboration with CFC, the department and the administration to find a balanced solution; establishing consumer protections in this industry without an extensive licensing requirement. Today SB 648 lays the groundwork for strong consumer protections in the referral industry.


4/25/17 SB 648 cleared the Human Services committee with a 3-1 vote, and 1 abstention. Now heads to Appropriations.
4/18/17 SB 648 made it out of the Senate Judiciary committee on a 5-2 vote. It will be heard next in the Senate Human Services committee.

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