CFC Supports AB 727 (Mitchell) – Healthy and Sustainable Food – On Suspense File

Bill Update: AB 727 passed the Assembly floor by a vote of 49 to 26 with 5 abstentions. After passing the Senate Committee’s of Government Organization, and then Senate Health, the bill was put on Suspense File by Senate Appropriations.

CFC Position: Support

AB 727 (Mitchell) would require by January 1, 2016, 100% of the food and beverages offered in vending machines will meet accepted nutritional guidelines. Additionally, this bill would require, beginning January 1, 2014, any food sold in a state-owned or leased building to meet the standard criteria for food and nutrition guidelines for concessions as determined under the federal Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operations.  

Nutrition is critical to healthy growth and development in youth ‘ and is crucial for maintaining optimal health in adults and seniors. Unfortunately consumers, including young students, state workers and others, may only have access to sugary soft drinks and oily potato chips in vending machines. 

Consumers deserve access to food that will nourish their bodies as it is intended to do.  AB 727 (Mitchell) will ensure that vending machines in state-owned or leased buildings provide food that is nutritionally adequate nutrition by 2014 and in all vending machines in the state by 2016.

For these reasons, the Consumer Federation of California supports this bill.