CFC Supports SB 1264 (Leno) – Commercial Airline Passenger Rights

Status: As of 6/1, SB 1264 is on on its Third Reading on the State Senate Floor.

Summary:  SB 1264 (Leno) would provide protections for passengers who are forced to remain on a plane for more than two hours by requiring airlines to provide water, food, fresh air, and functioning restrooms.  The bill also provides for fines for failure to comply with its requirements.  CFC supports SB 1264 because it will increase accountability for competitive airline companies and will protect the public health rights of consumers. 

Senate Appropriations – Yes: 7, No: 3, Absent: 1

Senate Appropriations – Yes; 9, No: 0, Absent: 2

Senate Transportation and Housing Committee – Yes: 6, No: 2, Absent: 1

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