CFC’s Zack Kaldveer Interviewed by Nicole Sandler on Costs of War

by Nicole Sandler, Radio Or Not

Consumer Federation of California’s (CFC) Zack Kaldveer joins Nicole Sandler on Radio Or Not to discuss CFC’s "White Paper" entitled California’s Great Recession and the Costs of War" on the negative impact the cost of the Afghanistan War has on California taxpayers, the state’s massive ongoing budget deficits, and its ability to adequately invest in the health and well being of our own citizens.

Also discussed is the accompanying short film from Brave New Foundation’s Robert Greenwald entitled "Paying for War, Not College."

The segment begins around the 30 minute mark, at which time Nicole plays the short film for listeners and discusses the project briefly. Zack comes on around the 38 minute mark to discuss the joint effort being undertaken by the two groups (i.e. CFC and Brave New Foundation) to start a larger dialogue focusing on what our state priorities should be and why we should end the war in Afghanistan and bring the troops, and the billions of dollars in military funding, home.