Consumer Federation of California endorses Dave Jones for Attorney General

Consumer Federation of California (CFC) endorsed Dave Jones for Attorney General in the 2018 election. The endorsement by the CFC’s Policy Board followed candidate interviews.

“Dave Jones is an effective consumer champion. As Insurance Commissioner he has saved consumers billions of dollars by reining in excessive insurance rate hikes, and has cracked down on insurers who engage in fraud or unfair practices,” stated Richard Holober, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of California. “As a state Assemblymember, Dave Jones was a consistent leader for consumers. His legislative achievements include strengthening protections against elder abuse, combatting excessive charges by health insurers and HMOs, and protecting consumer privacy.”

CFC has worked closely with Dave Jones both as a state lawmaker and as Insurance Commissioner. In a recent case, CFC brought a complaint to the Department of Insurance alleging a large auto insurance company engaged in discriminatory rate-quoting practices that denied women and workers without college degrees access to lower rates it offered to men and professionals with advanced degrees, in violation of California law. After an investigation, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones entered into a multimillion-dollar settlement with the insurer that required the company to halt its discriminatory rate-quoting practices.

“Dave Jones has the courage, tenacity and expertise we need in an Attorney General. He will put the Department of Justice to work to make sure that consumers have fair treatment in the marketplace. The Consumer Federation of California is proud to endorse Dave Jones for Attorney General,” Holober stated.

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