Do You Trust Telecom Industry? That’s Why We Need Open Internet

by David Lazarus, Los Angeles Times


geralt / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

Be honest now: Do you trust big businesses to play fair when they issue credit cards or loans? Do you trust them to release only safe products, to protect the environment, to follow all financial rules and to act in the best interest of society?

Thank you.

That’s a big reason why companies and marketplaces need oversight.

And that’s why President Obama called Monday for the Internet to be regulated like any other public utility.

It’s not about bureaucratic overreach. It’s about making sure the ever-dwindling number of companies that control the nation’s data networks don’t abuse their immense power over a resource that has grown indispensable to the economy, politics, education, healthcare and entertainment.

The fact that those very gatekeepers to the Internet immediately declared their opposition to greater competition and transparency should be enough to give consumers pause.

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