Expired Baby Food, Formula Bill Signed Into Law

by I-10 News Team, Channel 10 News San Diego

SAN DIEGO — A 10News I-Team investigation aimed at protecting adults and children helped get a consumer bill signed into law Sunday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Five years ago, I-Team hidden cameras first exposed expired baby formula on San Diego store shelves. When the I-Team again found expired baby formula and food for sale at major retailers in 2010, it caught the attention of Assemblymember and pediatrician Dr. Richard Pan.

Pan authored AB 688 with the support of the Consumer Federation of California. The bill stated that any store selling expired baby food, formula or over-the-counter medication would be fined up to $10 a day for each item sold.

Consumer Dale Proctor didn’t realize he bought baby food that was seven months past its "use by" date and then fed it to his son, who got violently ill. Proctor told 10News that consumers need this extra protection.

"I consider myself to be vigilant and I made this mistake, so it can happen and anything we can do to prevent it from happening is certainly worth doing," said Proctor.

The new law goes into effect January 1, 2012.