iPhone Users Sue Claiming False Advertising, Cloud Storage Hawking

by Laura Northrup, Consumerist

Public Domain / Creative Commons

Public Domain / Creative Commons

Two iPhone owners who live in Florida have filed a class action suit against Apple, claiming that the company advertises devices as having more storage capacity than they really do, of loading creating an operating system download that requires excessive space when first downloaded, and pushing paid cloud-storage services on customers who fill up the smaller-than-advertised hard drives on their phones.

As most people with electronic devices realize by now (even if they aren’t sure exactly why) an iPhone advertised as having, for example, 16 GB of storage doesn’t necessarily have 16 GB of space available: the iPhone 6 advertised as having 16 GB of storage really has around 12 GB available.

This isn’t a new problem, and it’s certainly not the first time that consumers have filed a class action over the issue, but there are two very specific complaints being made here: that Apple’s mobile operating system takes up too much room, and that the company is taking advantage of its phones’ small and non-expandable storage capacity to upsell users on cloud storage.

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