Judge rejects challenge to ballot language on insurance measure

by Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee

A judge today rejected a legal challenge to the ballot language proposed for Proposition 33, an insurance executive’s plan to rewrite California law governing auto premiums.

Supporters of Proposition 33 sued to overturn language proposed for the ballot summary and voter information pamphlet, complaining they would "prejudice voters against the measure."

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley rejected the lawsuit.

"Total victory," said Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog, the group that supplied anti-Proposition 33 language for the voter pamphlets.

Terry McHale, a spokesman for Yes on 33, said the group still believes it can win in November "on the merits of the initiative."

The proposal would give insurers more leeway to offer discounts to motorists who are customers of other insurers and have maintained continuous coverage over the years. Consumer Watchdog says the plan would lead to higher premiums for drivers who weren’t previously insured or had let their coverage lapse.