Last Minute Dirty Tricks: “Yes on 10” Chair Claims Obama’s support

No on 10 Campaign Demands Retraction of Email Blast to Democratic Voters Deceptively Associating Prop 10 with Senator Obama and His Energy Plan

(CA) The No on Prop 10 Campaign issued a strongly worded letter today to Yes on 10 Campaign Manager Marty Wilson and Chair Alison Hart demanding an immediate public retraction for an email they sent associating Proposition 10 with Senator Obama and his energy plan.

The email was sent this morning to Democratic voters by Ms. Alison Hart, Chair of the Yes on 10 Campaign, The subject line reads: ‘From One Obama Voter to Another ‘ Yes on Prop 10’

The email then goes on to say, ‘On November 4th, we will go to the polls and make history. Senator Obama has called for a $15 billion investment in alternative energy. You can support the Obama Energy Plan by voting Yes on Proposition 10.’

The letter issued by the No on 10 Campaign to Mr. Wilson and Ms. Hart states, ‘Senator Obama has not endorsed Proposition 10. This email is a deliberate attempt by your campaign to mislead voters by associating Senator Obama with Proposition 10. It was timed to mislead voters in the closing days of the election, making it almost impossible for the misinformation to be corrected on the public record before Election Day. We demand that your campaign issue an immediate public retraction of this email message.’

Prop 10 is a $5 billion bond measure on the November ballot. The taxpayer cost to repay the bonds is $10 billion over 30 years. Prop 10 was written and paid for by Clean Energy Fuels Corp, a company owned by Texas oil tycoon T. Bone Pickens.

A broad based coalition of environmental, consumer, business, taxpayer, labor and civic organizations opposes Prop 10. Nearly 40 newspapers have editorialized against Prop 10. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, State Controller John Chiang oppose Prop 10. Prop 10 has not earned the endorsement of a single newspaper editorial board, independent environmental group, or statewide elected official.

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