T-Mobile, AT&T Customers Can Now Request Their $170M In Refunds From Cramming Settlements

by Kate Cox, Consumerist

Public Domain

Public Domain

Earlier this year, AT&T and T-Mobile both reached major settlements with federal regulators over the illegal practice of cramming: third-party charges snuck onto wireless customers’ bills without their authorization. Combined, the two settlements will put about $170 million back in consumers’ pockets. But in order to get money back, consumers first have to ask for it.

AT&T and the FTC, along with all 50 states’ attorneys general, came to their $105 million settlement in October; approximately $80 million of that cash was planned for customer refunds. Similarly, T-Mobile and the FTC — again along with all 50 states’ attorneys general — came to a $112.5 million agreement in December. That settlement reserved $90 million for refunds to customers.

This week, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, along with FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, held a press conference to announce that consumers can now request their refunds from those settlements.

T-Mobile customers who were affected by the cramming charges can go to this T-mobile site to request their account summaries and submit for refunds. The deadline for submitting a T-Mobile refund claim form is June 30, 2015. AT&T customers can request a refund through this FTC site. Requests for a refund from AT&T must be submitted by May 1, 2015.

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