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California’s Strawberry Industry Is Hooked on Dangerous Pesticides

by Bernice Yeung, Kendall Taggart and Andrew Donohue, Center for Investigative Reporting

Growers rely on heavy amounts of some of the most dangerous pesticides – a class called fumigants – to deliver the fruit year-round at an affordable price for consumers. Because strawberries like to grow where people like to live, in the perpetual spring of coastal California, growers often use the pesticides near schools, homes and businesses. … Nearly a decade after the pesticide was supposed to be banned, the state’s strawberry growers have staved off the deadline by warning of financial ruin. Today, they use about 90 percent of all the methyl bromide in the developed world. Read More ›

White House Acknowledges Over-use of Antibiotics in Farm Animals, Shrugs

by Chris Morran, Consumerist

A report from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology that acknowledges a growing over-use of antibiotics in agriculture and medicine “underscores the crisis we’re facing as bacteria become increasingly resistant to antibiotics,” a Natural Resources Defense Council spokeswoman said. “Unfortunately, much more follow through is needed from the Administration. … It must take steps to curb the overuse of antibiotics in animals, which consume about 80 percent of the antibiotics.” Read More ›

Market Gets Heat for Old “Sell By” Dates

by Hetty Chang, Keith Esparros, Phil Dreschler, NBC Los Angeles

Consumer advocacy groups have joined the United Food and Commercial Workers to release findings of an investigation, which alleges a popular supermarket chain sold expired products — including baby food, meat and diary products. At a news conference Tuesday, groups including the East LA Community Corporation and … Read More ›