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Regulator Went To Power Event In Napa

by Jeff McDonald, San Diego Union-Tribune

One percenters enjoy fine wine.

“To my knowledge, the Western Power Trading Forum is one big opportunity to have an illegal ex parte with any commissioner that the group can convince to come and talk to them,” said former commission President Loretta Lynch, now an attorney in private practice. “In some of the most luxurious settings, groups like WPTF wine and dine commissioners while engaging in private, backroom conversations concerning issues directly in front of the PUC. … All Californians should question whether PUC proceedings are appropriately decided, and we should all ask our legislators and the governor to stop this corrupting practice.” Read More ›

2 New Warrants Served In CPUC Case

by Jeff McDonald, San Diego Union-Tribune

CPUC shield

The criminal investigation of the California Public Utilities Commission appears to be intensifying, with state agents serving a fresh round of search warrants at the regulators’ headquarters in San Francisco and at Southern California Edison offices outside Los Angeles. The Attorney General’s Office wants details about a settlement agreement that assigned Southern California ratepayers to cover $3.3 billion in shutdown costs for the San Onofre nuclear plant, which closed on an emergency basis in January 2012 after Edison installed faulty replacement steam generators that caused a radiation leak. Read More ›

California Electricity Rates To Undergo Biggest Change In 15 Years

by David R. Baker and Hamed Aleaziz, The San Francisco Chronicle

California regulators radically revamped the way electricity rates work in the state, approving changes Friday that will raise monthly utility bills for the most energy-efficient homeowners while giving many bigger energy users a break. … “This is a lose-lose for customers, but business as usual for the CPUC, which has once again done PG&E, Edison and SDG&E’s bidding,” [said Mark Toney, head of The Utility Reform Network, a consumer group. … Changing the number of tiers and cutting the difference between them will raise bills for the most energy-efficient households. Read More ›

Utilities Agency Reforms Still Pending

by Jeff McDonald, San Diego Union-Tribune

More than eight months later, no employee discipline beyond [chief of staff Carol Brown’s resignation] has been made publicly known, and some of those involved in questionable communications have been promoted. New commission president Michael Picker, a former aide to Gov. Jerry Brown whose nomination is pending Senate approval, has engaged in backchannel communications himself, as reported by U-T San Diego in March. … The commission is still evaluating the 65,000 or so PG&E emails to figure out which employees may have violated rules against inappropriate communications. Any discipline is likely to be kept confidential, [an agency spokeswoman] said. Read More ›

PUC Critics Cite Concerns Over ‘Revolving Door’

by George Avalos, San Jose Mercury News

revolving door

[Michael] Peevey, who served as a PUC commissioner and president for 12 years, is seen by the agency’s sharpest critics as the poster child for the damage caused by the revolving door. He came to the PUC after working as president of Southern California Edison, which provides electricity for 14 million customers and is regulated by the PUC. … The exchange of jobs between the PUC and utilities extends to staff as well as commissioners. Tens of thousands of emails released starting last year and extending into January show many instances of PUC staffers working with PG&E executives in a cozy fashion. Read More ›

SB 215 Sustains Drive For CPUC Reforms Originally Sought Via SB 660

1/27/15 update: The Senate passed SB 215 (Leno) 37-0 yesterday, sending the CPUC reform bill to the Assembly. The bill includes limits on “ex parte” (private) communications that CFC had sought in SB 660, which had passed both the Senate and Assembly last fall but was vetoed by Governor … Read More ›

San Bruno mayor wants top official removed from blast probe

by Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle

PG&E pipeline ignites an explosion in San Bruno 9/10/2010.

California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey should be removed in light of San Bruno explosion-related emails that show state officials are “subject to undue influence” by PG&E and the CPUC “is corrupted.” Mayor Jim Ruane also called on Peevey to be removed as head of regulatory proceedings into whether PG&E should be fined more than $2 billion for safety violations related to the explosion. San Bruno officials filed a complaint against PG&E for “knowingly and intentionally attempting to illegally influence the outcome” of cases related to the 2010 disaster. Read More ›

We Saved Consumers $125 Million On Insurance So Far In 2014

by Richard Holober, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of California

10/1/2014 Update: 2014 consumer savings rose to $148.3 million by year’s end. To recap: 1 million AIG policyholders saved $7.7 million on homeowners insurance. Infinity Insurance policyholders saved $15.5 million on auto insurance. 1.2 million Farmers policyholders saved $34 million on homeowners insurance (details below). 1.6 million … Read More ›

Closure of Southern California nuke plant shouldn’t lead to blackouts in Northern California this summer, state says

by Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News

A statewide summer electricity forecast found that even if San Onofre was not operating, the state should have enough electricity to get through the summer without the kinds of blackouts in 2000 and 2001. Read More ›

California utility will close troubled nuclear plant

by Michael Blood, ABC News

The troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant is closing after a 16-month battle over whether the reactors could be safely restarted with millions of people living nearby. Read More ›

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