VICTORY: Election day successful for California consumers!

Each one of Consumer Federation of California’s ballot measure recommendations won on election night. The winners are California consumers!

Yes on Prop 30: Restores Education Funding

Governor Jerry Brown declared victory after his tax initiative seized a narrow lead Tuesday night, calling Proposition 30 a “unifying force” that countered the “Kool-Aid of the market ideologues.” Read about Prop 30 here and see Jerry Brown declares victory for Proposition 30 and Big win for schools as Prop 30 defies polls.

No on Prop 32: Would Have Exempted Super PACs from Campaign Finance Limits

California voters reaffirmed their support for unions in defeating Prop 32, which would have banned the way labor traditionally raises money to fund political activity, but would have exempted super PACs from the campaign contribution rules it would place on working people and labor unions. Read about Prop 32 here and see Proposition 32: Initiative on unions defeated.

No on Prop 33: Would Have Raised Auto Insurance Costs on Good Drivers

California voters rejected Proposition 33, an initiative bankrolled by Mercury Insurance. Joseph’s Prop 33 lost with 45.4% of the vote to opposition of 54.6%. The defeat of Prop 33 sends a loud message that Californians are not easily hoodwinked into supporting corporate self-enrichment schemes, no matter how much is spent to mislead voters. Read about Prop 33 here and see Prop 33 defeated: Voters say No to billionaire’s money grab.

No on Prop 38: Would Have Implemented a Tax Hike on Working Poor and Middle Class

Despite $44 million in personal donations, Molly Munger’s measure lost about 3-1, with the margin roughly 72.3 percent “no” and 27.7 percent “yes.” Read about Prop 38 here and see Proposition 38: Middle-class tax hike for schools loses resoundingly.

Yes on Prop 39: Eliminates Tax Incentives for Companies to Leave California

Proposition 39, which could raise $1 billion by closing an out-of-state tax loophole, won easily Tuesday. Prop 39 will reduce some of the loss to state revenue resulting from new corporate tax loopholes that were created in the 2009 budget deal.  Read about Prop 39 here and see Prop 39: Measure that will raise $1 billion by closing out-of-state tax loophole wins easily.

Yes on Prop 40:  Holds Politicians Accountable

Proposition 40 passed, approving the new State Senate district lines. Read about Prop 40 here.