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CFC Supports AB 2720 (Perez) – Food Access

AB 2720 would require the Dep. of Food and Agriculture provide recommendations to the Legislature to promote food justice. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2654 (Hill) – Solicitations

AB 2654 would protect consumers from deceptive solicitations from non-governmental agencies posing as government fee notification letters. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2289 (Eng) – Smog Check Program

AB 2289 would reduce pollution through the use of new technologies that provide considerable time and cost savings to consumers. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1106 (Yee) – Labeling of Free Drug Samples

As the use of sample prescription drugs continues to rise, the need for consumers to have basic health and safety information on those drugs has never been greater. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1268 (Simitian) – Protects Privacy of Electronic Toll Users

Action on the part of the legislature is necessary to ensure consumer privacy is respected, and transit agencies employing electronic toll collection systems are held responsible for their use of subscriber information. For these reasons, we support SB 1268. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2502 – Assisting Homeowners in Avoiding Foreclosure

By keeping more homes off the market, AB 2502’s consumer protections will also help ensure the future stability of the economy. For these reasons, we strongly support AB 2502. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1237 (Padilla) – Monitoring of Overradiation

One-time instances of overradiation may be difficult to detect without proper documentation of the dosage administered, and for this reason and others, it is critical that SB 1237 becomes law.
Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1291 (Leno) – Review of Fire Retardant Chemicals

No other agency is currently responsible to monitor or review the human health impacts of halogenated fire retardants and it is therefore critical that the Department of Toxics and Substance Control include them in the Green Chemistry Initiative. Read More ›

CFC is Sponsoring AB 2393 – private post-secondary proprietary school reform

AB 2393 insures that a private post-secondary proprietary school that reports or disseminates information on student success, job placement rates or graduates’ salaries in any apprenticeable occupation, bases that information on the standards for job duties and mastery of job training curriculum that the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards has developed. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1086 (Florez) – Corporate Subsidy Transparency

SB 1086 will increase the transparency and accountability of billions of dollars in tax subsidies California grants to corporations every year. Read More ›

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