CFC supports worker right to know about toxics in cosmetics (AB 1575)

Manufacturers must list ingredients on the labels of cosmetics sold at the retail level (like a Target or Walgreen’s store)—this is good for the people who sell, buy, and use those products. In contrast, chemical ingredients in professional cosmetics do not have to be listed on product labels.

On a daily basis, nail and hair salon professionals handle solvents, glues, polishes, straighteners, and other beauty care products containing a multitude of chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, allergies, respiratory, neurological and reproductive harm. Salon workers absorb chemicals through their skin and breathe them in as fumes build up in the air of the salon over the course of the workday. For these reasons, we support AB 1575.


5/10/17 Placed in suspense file.
4/25/17 AB 1575 cleared the Assembly Environmental Safety committee on 4-2 vote.
4/18/17 Passed the Assembly Health Committee with a 10-3 vote. Heads to Assembly Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials committee.

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