FCC Launches New, User-Friendly Help And Complaints Site For Consumers

by Kate Cox, Consumerist

fcc logo

Public Domain

Despite being the go-to agency for internet issues, the FCC’s website has not exactly got a reputation for user-friendliness. Quite the opposite, in fact. But this week the commission behind the broadband is hoping to change all that with a major site revamp that makes it easier for consumers … when they need help.

The FCC announced the new Consumer Help Center today. The new site is intended vastly to improve the ability for regular consumers to find answers to their “is this allowed” questions and to make it easier to lodge complaints.

The new site uses big, clear, friendly icons to help users navigate to a problem to their solution, first guiding users to choose the tech they’re having trouble with: — phone, TV, radio, internet, access, or emergency services. From there, consumers can access FAQ guides about common problems or new, streamlined complaint forms for reporting a problem to the FCC.

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