Proposed FCC Rules Would Limit How Internet Service Providers Can Use Your Data

by Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times

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geralt / Pixabay

Internet service providers would face tough new restrictions on how they could use the personal information of their customers, including their Web-browsing activity, according to privacy regulations proposed Thursday by a top federal regulator.

In most cases, cable and wireless companies that offer broadband service would need permission from customers to use or share the vast and potentially lucrative trove of data collected about them as they surf the Internet, send email or use mobile apps, the Federal Communications Commission said.

“Simply by using the Internet, you have no choice but to share large amounts of personal information with your broadband provider,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in article on the Huffington Post.

“You have a right to know what information is being collected about you and how that information is being used,” he said.

Wheeler’s plan, which was circulated to the agency’s four other commissioners on Thursday, also would require Internet service providers to notify customers within 10 days if there was a breach involving their personal data.

The FCC is expected to vote on the proposal on March 31. Wheeler and the two other Democrats who make up the majority of the commission are expected to vote for the measures.

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