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AB 886 (Chau) Protects Uber Passenger Privacy

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 886 (Chau, D-Monterey Park) will protect the sensitive personal information and credit card records of passengers using transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber. Read More ›

Report: Medical data breaches are rising, with no end in sight

by Victoria Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle

These health data attacks give hackers all the information they need to assume a patient’s identity, launch targeted “phishing” attacks, clean out bank accounts and commit crimes under the victim’s name, said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, an arm of a nonprofit public interest research group in San Diego County. “What we have found with working with victims of medical identity theft is that most don’t find out for about two years,” Dixon said. “The sophisticated criminals who are committing these crimes are waiting to act on the data so there is less risk of being caught.” Read More ›

Stolen Uber User Logins Are For Sale On The Dark Web: Only $1 Each

by Robert Hackett, Fortune magazine

Uber logo

The information is being advertised for sale on the black market AlphaBay, a website that can only be accessed through the Tor browser, an anonymity-preserving network used by political dissidents, privacy-minded Internet users and criminals. One person using the alias “Courvoisier” claims to have “thousands” of “hacked accounts” for sale, each for as little as $1. Read More ›

Government DNA Collection Under Microscope In California

by Jeremy B. White, The Sacramento Bee

Assemblymember Mike Gatto has a pair of bills that would allow parents to have their babies’ samples destroyed, and dictate when police officers can glean DNA. With the support of district attorneys, Assemblyman Jim Cooper has a bill allowing DNA collection from people convicted of certain misdemeanors. Read More ›

Anthem Hack: Could The Insurer Have Prevented It?

by Matt O'Brien, San Jose Mercury News

[Critics] say encrypting personal data could have helped. “They claim it’s the expense. Really, there’s no excuse,” said Beth Givens, founder and director of San Diego-based Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. “They don’t want to take the time and effort to decode it.” … Anthem’s breach affected up to 80 million people, far more than the 37.5 million actually covered by the insurer as of December, according to the company’s most recent earnings report. Those hacked included not just Anthem employees but also many former Anthem subscribers, many of whom long ago dropped the insurer. Read More ›

Anthem Hacked; Health Insurance Data On Up To 80 Million Exposed

by Chad Terhune and Ryan Parker, Los Angeles Times

“If confirmed, we are dealing with one of the biggest data breaches in history and probably the biggest data breach in the healthcare industry,” said Jaime Blasco, vice president and chief scientist at AlienVault, a San Mateo, Calif., information security firm. “For individuals, in a few words, it is a nightmare,” he said. “If the attackers had access to names, birthdays, addresses and Social Security numbers, it means that information can be easily used to carry out identity theft schemes.” Read More ›

Staples Confirms 1.16 Million Cards Breached In 115 Stores

by Laura Northrup, Consumerist

Computer screen data

Staples says that about 115 of its stores were hit in this breach, out of a total of 1,400 stores in the chain. (If you’re wondering whether your local store appears on the list, you can download a PDF here.) … Staples says that its investigation shows that customer payment information that may have been stolen includes cardholder names, card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes. Read More ›

Hacked vs. Hackers: Game On

by Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times

The impact on consumers has been vast. Last year, over 552 million people had their identities stolen, according to Symantec, and nearly 25,000 Americans had sensitive health information compromised — every day — according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Over half of Americans, including President Obama, had to have their credit cards replaced at least once because of a breach … . But if there is a silver lining to the current predicament … security experts say it is that computer security, long an afterthought, has been forced into the national consciousness. Read More ›

Protect Yourself While Shopping on Black Friday, and Beyond

by Ann Carrns, The New York Times

Over the past year, so many data breaches at retail chains and restaurants have come to light that it’s hard to keep track. So what does that mean for shoppers, as the holiday season gets underway? Although it’s unnerving to have any sort of card information stolen – whether by hackers or through an old-fashioned pilfered wallet – consumer and security experts say the fallout may be less damaging if shoppers avoid debit cards and use credit cards instead. Read More ›

Data Breaches in California Jump and Are Expected to Keep Climbing

by Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times

Security experts predict that the number of breaches, especially on a big scale, will keep growing. “The data breaches are going to continue and will probably get worse with the short term,” said Jim Penrose, former chief of the Operational Discovery Center at the National Security Agency. … Another vulnerable sector is the healthcare industry. Stealing medical records can be more “insidious” than stealing other data because they can be used for identity theft and fraud over a longer stretch of time. Read More ›

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