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Why Did It Take 7 Months To Learn Blue Shield Lost Tax-Exempt Status?

by Chad Terhune, Los Angeles Times

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Wednesday applauded the [California Franchise Tax Board’s] move as further proof that “Blue Shield charges excessive rates and acts like a for-profit insurer.” Now consumer groups are asking for legislative hearings into the tax board’s handling of the Blue Shield matter. … State Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), Senate Health Committee chairman, said he too wanted more answers from the franchise tax board and welcomes a debate over whether Blue Shield is meeting its obligations to taxpayers. Read More ›

With Billions In The Bank, Blue Shield Of California Loses Its State Tax-Exempt Status

by Chad Terhune, Los Angeles Times

Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access, said the tax board’s decision could have a significant effect on the debate over Blue Shield’s future and on health policy statewide. “It’s important to have this debate over Blue Shield’s public-service mission and how they are fulfilling it,” Wright said. “What would a white-hat insurer look like?” … Some consumer groups have also questioned whether certain Blue Shield spending is out of line with its nonprofit mission. Read More ›