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Senate approves overturning FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal

by Bill Chappell, NPR

Photo courtesy of Pexels

The legislative victory is fleeting because the House does not intend to take similar action, but Democrats are planning to carry the political fight over Internet access into the 2018 midterms. Read More ›

Time runs out for Congress to upend payday lending rule

by Sarah O'Brien, CNBC

payday_loans 320 x 189 stock foto

Resolutions in both the Senate and House sought to kill the so-called payday rule, which aims to make sure consumers can afford to pay back these short-term, high-cost loans. Read More ›

Google knows what we do online and may soon know everything else about us, too

by Sam Harnet, KQED California Report


We are shifting into the Internet of Things, where the internet is embedded in consumer products — stuff like televisions, lights, TVs and cars. All of these objects are untapped fountains of personal information, and personal information is the financial lifeblood of Google. Read More ›

New legislation could make it harder to tell how much your airline tickets cost

by Christopher Elliott, Savannah Now


An old ticket-price tactic for airlines may make a surprise comeback, thanks to proposed legislation. This is the third time in five years that the airline industry and its surrogates in Congress have tried to jettison the full-fare advertising rule, formerly known as the Transparent Airfares Act. Read More ›

U.S. investigating AT&T and Verizon over wireless collusion claim

by Cecilia Kang, New York Times

locked cell phone

The investigation was opened about five months ago after at least one device maker and one wireless carrier filed formal complaints with the Justice Department, two of the people said. The device maker was Apple, one of them said. Read More ›

CFPB could hide consumer complaints from public, advocates fear

by Maria Lamagna, Marketwatch

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put out a Request for Information (RFI) asking for public input on its consumer inquiry and complaint database. To consumer advocates, the RFI is just the latest evidence that the CFPB’s Director Mick Mulvaney will change the way the Bureau treats complaints, possibly making the CFPB’s database of complaints private and not visible to the public. Read More ›

Protect yourself from W-2 phishing scams

by Terry Sheridan, Accounting Web


The crooks use the information to file bogus tax returns — or sell it on the so-called Dark Net. In some cases, the fraudsters asked for a wire transfer after receiving the employees’ information. Read More ›

Senator Bill Dodd introduces garage-door safety bill

by Davis Enterprise, Davis Enterprise

Luis Yanez from Pexels

In the aftermath of the October wildfires that swept across the North Bay, several victims were found dead where their garages once stood. While garage door motors can be disconnected to open the doors manually, many people, especially seniors or those with heavy wooden doors, find it impossible to do so. Read More ›

Consumer Federation of California endorses Dave Jones for Attorney General

Dave Jones

“Dave Jones is an effective consumer champion. As Insurance Commissioner he has saved consumers billions of dollars by reining in excessive insurance rate hikes, and has cracked down on insurers who engage in fraud or unfair practices,” stated Richard Holober, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of California. Read More ›

Paint companies could hand taxpayers the bill for hazardous lead paint cleanup under proposed California ballot measure

by Liam Dillon, Los Angeles Times

pexels-photo-8724 (1)

The measure would place a $2-billion bond on the November ballot to fund the remediation of lead paint, mold, asbestos and other environmental dangers in homes, schools and senior citizen facilities. The initiative also would reverse a November state appeals court decision requiring three paint companies to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars for lead paint abatement. It also aims to block future lawsuits against the paint companies for similar claims. Read More ›

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