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CFC Opposes AB 1833 (Logue) – Unnecessary Economic Impact Analysis

We are most concerned that implementing this bill could inadvertently add unnecessary costs and time delays to the already lengthy and thorough process at these health-based state agencies. Such an outcome would be detrimental in their efforts to protect the public’s health. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1166 (Simitian) – Protecting Personal Information

As the danger of identity theft becomes more prevalent, California needs to take steps to protect the privacy and security rights of its residents. Standardizing security breach notifications and centralizing the reporting process are a small, but critical step in the right direction. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2654 (Hill) – Fraudulent Solicitations

This bill protects consumers from deceptive solicitations from non-governmental agencies posing as government fee notification letters…critical during the current economic climate when consumers need as much information as possible to make informed financial decisions.
Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2486 (Feuer) – Social Host Liability – Passes Ass. Judiciary

AB 2486 only applies to social hosts who consciously provide alcohol to minors. Hence, while AB 2486 eliminates the immunity currently afforded to social hosts, the family of the injured or killed would still need to prove that negligence occurred. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 810 (Leno) – A “Medicare for All” , Single Payer System

AB 810 would guarantee comprehensive health care benefits to every California resident and streamline claims and reimbursements, which will save billions of dollars in health care administrative costs. Read More ›

CFC Opposes AB 822 (Fletcher) – Weakens Acute Care Consumer Protections

AB 822 would play havoc with this staffing system, and empower hospitals to easily downgrade a patient’s status from critical to acute as a cost saving measure. It would make enforcement more difficult, as mixed units would be impossible to classify in terms of the required staffing ratios. Read More ›

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