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CFC Supports AB 714 ( Atkins) – Pre-Enrollment in Exchange and Medi-Cal

This measure implements and improves on the provisions of federal health reform by maximizing the uninsured and underinsured enrolled in the Exchange and Medi-Cal on January 1, 2014 when the Exchange opens and Medi-Cal Eligibility expands to cover adults without children under 18 at home. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 1075 (Shelley) 2001 ‘ Nursing Home Staffing Ratios – Signed

This bill increased staffing in Skilled Nursing Facilities (nursing homes) to more adequate levels recommended by a broad coalition of consumer and health groups. At the time, staffing was inadequate to provide quality patient care. Read More ›

CFC Sponsored New Law Curbs Human Trafficking Through Greater Transparency

SB 657 requires major retail sellers and manufacturers to describe on company websites their voluntary efforts to eliminate slavery and trafficking from their own direct suppliers. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 933 – Debit Card Surcharges

SB 933 would prohibit retailers from imposing a surcharge on consumers who use their debit cards to make a purchase. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 919 (Nava) – The Shareholder Protection Act

AB 919 is a critical step in the effort to protect shareholders and limit the influence of big money in politics. It requires corporations to consult their shareholders and give them an opportunity to opt out of having their money spent on elections and political activities. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1275 (Leno, Steinberg) – The Homeowners Bill of Rights

SB 1275 enacts the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights. It requires that homeowners receive notice of their rights regarding their loans prior to foreclosure and remedies for those whose rights were violated under this act. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1212 (Leno) – Cell Phone Radiation Disclosures

SB 12122 would require retailers of cell phones to make the level of radiation emitted by a phone known to potential purchasers of that phone. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 2578 (Jones) – Regulating Insurance Rates

Unlike auto insurers who are required to seek prior approval from the Department of Insurance before increasing auto insurance rates, HMOs and health insurers have no similar requirement…AB 2578 will give the state a powerful tool to control unabated rate increases from HMOs and health insurers. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1264 (Leno) – Commercial Airline Passenger Rights

SB 1264 would provide protections for passengers who are forced to remain on a plane for more than two hours by requiring airlines to provide water, food, fresh air, and functioning restrooms. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 885 (Corbett) – Gift Certificate Redemption

SB 885 would allow consumers to redeem the remaining value of their gift card if the cash value is up to $20. Read More ›

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