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AB 844: Trojan Horse that would have destroyed credit card privacy protections

The bill was hijacked by retail industry lobbyists and amendments turned AB 844 into a vehicle to eliminate privacy protections for credit card transactions at brick-and-mortar businesses. The author held the bill until 2014, and has reaffirmed his commitment to work with us to restore it as a pro-privacy bill.

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AB 995 attacks vital consumer utility protection program (2-yr bill)

AB 995 is a direct attack on consumer organizations and ratepayers. This bill only benefits the giant utilities by freezing out consumer, environmental, safety, health, and the disadvantaged communities that deserve effective representation before the CPUC. Read More ›

SB 661 would weaken California’s Made in USA label (2-year bill)

CFC opposed the bill, which would undercut businesses that are committed to American manufacturing and mislead consumers who care about truthful labels. It has become a 2-year bill. Read More ›

AB 1291 Internet Right to Know Act (2-year bill)

The fight in California to liberate people’s personal information from the companies that track them online has been put on hold for the rest of the year. Assemblymember Lowenthal decided to stall her Right to Know Act of 2013 to garner more support, delaying action until 2014. Read More ›

AB 553 would protect elderly against reverse mortgages (2-year bill)

Co-sponsored by CFC, the bill would help ensure that seniors understand the reverse mortgage before signing a contract; it has become a 2-year bill. Read More ›

AB 462 would save lives of elderly with sprinkler systems (2-year bill)

Fire sprinklers should be viewed as a necessary investment in protecting the safety of vulnerable residents. CFC supported the bill, overdue legislation that would save lives. Read More ›

CFC part of working group to stop elder abuse

Consumer Federation of California is part of a coalition of advocates working to enact a package of bills regarding abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older persons. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 1197 – Public Utilities Whistleblower Protection

In light of the 2010 gas transmission pipeline explosion in San Bruno, the need for additional safety regulations is clear. Part of this effort to increase safety must include providing sufficient protections to whistleblowers who report safety concerns to the CPUC. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 714 ( Atkins) – Pre-Enrollment in Exchange and Medi-Cal

This measure implements and improves on the provisions of federal health reform by maximizing the uninsured and underinsured enrolled in the Exchange and Medi-Cal on January 1, 2014 when the Exchange opens and Medi-Cal Eligibility expands to cover adults without children under 18 at home. Read More ›

CFC Supports AB 1075 (Shelley) 2001 ‘ Nursing Home Staffing Ratios – Signed

This bill increased staffing in Skilled Nursing Facilities (nursing homes) to more adequate levels recommended by a broad coalition of consumer and health groups. At the time, staffing was inadequate to provide quality patient care. Read More ›

CFC Sponsored New Law Curbs Human Trafficking Through Greater Transparency

SB 657 requires major retail sellers and manufacturers to describe on company websites their voluntary efforts to eliminate slavery and trafficking from their own direct suppliers. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 933 – Debit Card Surcharges

SB 933 would prohibit retailers from imposing a surcharge on consumers who use their debit cards to make a purchase. Read More ›

CFC Supports SB 1275 (Leno, Steinberg) – The Homeowners Bill of Rights

SB 1275 enacts the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights. It requires that homeowners receive notice of their rights regarding their loans prior to foreclosure and remedies for those whose rights were violated under this act. Read More ›

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