Trump administration moves to make it harder for defrauded students to erase debt

by Laura Meckler, Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post

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The package is a win for colleges, particularly for-profit ventures. It’s a defeat for consumer advocates who favor a more aggressive posture against colleges that they say routinely take advantage of veterans and older students. Read More ›

Starbucks, others must pay California workers for off the clock tasks

by Daniel Wiessner, Reuters

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The court said that under California law, workers must generally be paid for any time they are required to be on their employers’ premises. Read More ›

Report: Wells Fargo charged customers for hidden services

by Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report

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Products such as pet insurance, legal services and other add-on services were added to customers’ accounts without their full understanding, a Wall Street Journal report says. Read More ›

Driverless-car makers want Congress to free them from state safety standards

by Eliza Fawcett, Los Angeles Times


Bipartisan legislation now moving through Congress could leave consumers at risk by preventing states from demanding tighter safety regulations. Read More ›

Critics say CFPB nominee Kathy Kraninger lacks experience

by Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times

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For director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, arguably the single-most-powerful financial regulator in Washington, the President has tapped a little-known White House aide with no apparent relevant experience in finance, banking regulation or consumer protection. Read More ›

California Consumer Privacy Act gains support in wake of GDPR

by Xavier Harding, Mic

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Though GDPR benefits consumers globally, internet users may not be able to rely on Europe to fight everyone’s privacy battles. The California proposal is different from GDPR in that it would require more transparency from companies on how consumers’ data is utilized and shared. Read More ›

Bill banning binding arbitration passes CA Assembly in face of strong opposition

by John Breslin, Northern California Record


A bill barring employers from inserting binding arbitration clauses into contracts as a condition of employment has passed the California State Assembly. The bill, introduced in the face of strong opposition from pro-business organizations, passed the Assembly by a vote of 47-25. Read More ›

California Senate votes to restore net neutrality

by Makena Kelly, The Verge

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The California Senate voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that would reinstate the net neutrality regulations repealed by the Federal Communications Commission in December. Read More ›

Senate approves overturning FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal

by Bill Chappell, NPR

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The legislative victory is fleeting because the House does not intend to take similar action, but Democrats are planning to carry the political fight over Internet access into the 2018 midterms. Read More ›

Time runs out for Congress to upend payday lending rule

by Sarah O'Brien, CNBC

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Resolutions in both the Senate and House sought to kill the so-called payday rule, which aims to make sure consumers can afford to pay back these short-term, high-cost loans. Read More ›

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